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How to Grow Your Organic Traffic With PageFly and Search Pie?

Opening a Shopify store is easy - that's why Shopify has more than 1 million merchants.
The number is expected to grow exponentially in 2021 as social distancing is still ravaging most countries and eCommerce earned its place in the new normal.
It's good news for Shopify, and not-so-good news for eCommerce merchants. If everyone can open an online business, and the market is so flat and globalized where everyone gets access to the same tools and resources, how can you compete? What makes people come to your store?
Now, lots of people have this problem, just hop onto Shopify Community: 10.000 questions about traffic-related issues!
This shocking number, despite how gloomy it sounds, should be deemed as a great opportunity.
Not everyone knows how to optimize stores for SEO traffic.
But you can, and the only arsenals you need are PageFly Page Builder & SEO Booster By Secomapp. We'll walk you through how to improve your ranking and boost traffic with these 02 apps in just 03 simple steps:

Step 1: Install Apps

This is the easiest step - simply hop on to Shopify App Store and get both apps.
Both are free and offer quality live chat support so the installation process should be a breeze.

Step 2: Improve Page Experience

Google explicitly said that Page Experience can affect ranking in this Google Search Centra's document.
In short, the longer a user stays on your page and the faster your page load, the higher the chances to rank higher and get more organic traffic.
To make a visitor stay, you need good page design. Imagine dropping by a product page and you only get sub-par product images, badly-written product description and that's it. Bounce rate would go through the roof.
But if you sprinkle your product pages with things like glowing customer reviews and frequently-asked-questions to establish brand credibility, product videos to reassure visitors of your products' authenticity, and countdown timers and promotional banners to urge visitors to convert, you essentially give your visitors reasons to stay.
All of this, giving your potential buyers reasons to stay while keeping the site load smooth and fast enough, can all be achieved with PageFly.
PageFly comes with 50+ templates, 60+ elements, sections and 3rd party integration, plus an intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drops functionality.
Simply select what you like, drag and drop them onto the page, without having to worry about putting weight on your page.

Step 03: Revamp Your On-Page SEO

A compelling page design enables better user experience, but unfortunately, that's just the first step at the door, an incomplete equation.
There is more to SEO than good user experience, the website needs to be Google-friendly. Simply put, you need to build and manage your websites in ways that Google prefers. That can be good keyword density, good page structure or optimized links.
But the thing is, there are too many factors, way too many to keep track of, let alone optimizing each of them. This is when SEO Booster comes into handy.
Imagine getting high rankings is like building a skyscraper, then if PageFly is the contractor laying the foundation of this building, SEO booster is the architect erecting stores after stores until the skyscraper is complete.
That's why SEO Booster and PageFly are powerful when in pairs.
Using SEO Booster is fairly easy and intuitive. First, you need to know where you're standing with an overall SEO score.
Then, start with the easiest - optimize Alt tag for Image SEO.
Next, optimize important pages, or what we prefer to call - Money Pages. These are the pages that need traffic the most.
Simply follow SEO Booster’s guideline and suggestions and voila, your pages are now SEO-optimized with good Headings, URL, Title and Meta description.
Next, you can optimize your page structure and link structure to make a Google-friendly website, or automatically remove broken links, get better keywords.
SEO Booster thrives in a great wealth of functionalities and features so it can be a bit overwhelming not knowing where to start. However, you can simply click that bright green button at the bottom right of the app and get instant guidance on what to optimize next.