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Checklist for SEO success

The SEO Booster app is amazingly simple which requires just a little of your attention. Let's take a tour to find out all of our features.
When you have the app added from Shopify, it will auto scan and work on your site instantly to check your Website’s Health on Search engines.

Know your store

Below SEO Score is the Know your store section. If you want us to help you take a look at your store and share with you some valuable suggestions for your better SEO performance, all you need to do is to click the "Check it out" button and our experienced supporter will be here to help you do this.
Pro Tip: The optimal setup will highly recommend you to make all the icons green

SEO Expert Corner

Below the Know your Store section is SEO Expert Corner.
Firstly, you will see the Google Search Console part on the left of this corner. If you want to set up Google Search Console, which helps you monitor your site’s presence in search results by understanding how Google views your store, our app will guide you on how to set up it in the easiest way. If you have done it, our app will show a report of your store in Google Search Console just by clicking the View Report button.
If you wonder about the page speed performance of your store and want to hear some tips to improve it, all you need to do is just click the Send Request button on the Check Page Speed part and our expert will help you with the rest.
Since you install several SEO apps which are unable to help you improve your SEO, you can click on the second section and we will help you remove the codes left from these apps to prevent conflicts between SEO apps.
Besides, when you want to do other tasks such as setting notifications and email, changing the language in-app, checking speed, and setting up InstantPage, you can click on “More Settings” on the top right of the SEO expert Corner.
In notification sections, you can choose to receive our app’s notifications when you are offline, monthly email reports, or reports when the process of broken links or image ALT is completed. You can also change your subscription email here.
Under the notification section is the place where you can change the language in apps. Currently, we provide 4 languages for our customers. They are English, French, Germany, and Spanish. We also have a plan to add more languages in the future.
The next section in Settings is some other expert features. Except for 4 SEO expert features on the Home screen, there are also two functions: check your speed performance and help your pages pre-load before the customers click on them.
Besides, since you uninstall our app and want to remove the codes of our app, all you can do is click on the Remove Code button the change in our app will disappear. We are always willing to receive your feedback to make our app even better every day so if there is something in our app that makes you unpleasant and want to remove our app’s code, kindly contact us through LiveChat or email [email protected] so that we can discuss it further and give the customers the performance as excellent as possible.

Get Support

Lying next to SEO expert Corner is the “Get Support” section. This is the place you can require assistance from our support team. You can also read our frequently asked questions here with just one click on View FAQs.

SEO Takeaway

At the bottom of the Home page, you can see the SEO Takeaway in which we give you the knowledge of SEO every day. You can also see the stories of our app through this section.