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SEO Booster provides you with a comprehensive monthly report. Data, which is collected based on your activities with our SEO app in 30 days, will be sent to your email on the 4th day of every month. The report includes updated information about SEO Score, Alexa Ranking and solved SEO issues within the period. Highlighted news will be provided as well.
Just enter the email address you want to receive the monthly report in the box, or leave it blank if you want to receive it via your registered email.
Moreover, if you want more information included in this report, contact us via Livechat and list it out for our team so that we can bring you a better SEO report.
In addition, you can enable the button to receive all new updates from the app, such as when the process (Broken Links, Image ALT) is completed.
If you need our help when you change your theme and need to re-sync app data, or when you want to clean the left code from SEO apps, please hit the button and our team is always more than ready to support you as best we can!

FAQ About Email Report

I upgraded to Unlimited Plan, why don’t I receive an email report from SEO Booster on the 4th day of this month?

Please bear in mind that after you install our app, our email report doesn't send to users immediately. It aggregates your activities during your last 30 days. Due to that reason, it can only be sent on the 4th month if you have the app added for at least 30 days.