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Speed It Up

According to Shopify experts, “Faster sites will rank higher on Google Search starting in May 2021”. Concerning the importance of speed on boosting your website, we provide an extra service called SpeedUp to help you optimize your loading speed to the best.

Why does site speed matter?

In 2010, Google affirmed that page speed is an important factor in user experience, Google made page speed a ranking factor of websites, which now greatly affects how your website appears in the SERPs.
The fast page loading speed is closely associated with lower bounce rates and higher conversions. According to Google, improving website speed by one second can increase conversions (from viewer to shopper) on mobile devices by up to 27%. And with 70% of shoppers on mobile devices, site speed clearly has a huge impact on your revenue potential.
In addition, it's cheaper to retain than acquire a customer. Website speed plays an important role in this. In fact, the research found that 79% of customers are less likely to repurchase from an online store if they are unsatisfied with the speed of the site. In other words, you will have more chances to have loyal customers if you have a fast Shopify store.
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Why should you choose Speed Up package of Search Pie?

This Speed Up package is the optimal customized service we have now, which can help your site up to 50% faster. We will measure the speed score of your website on Google PageSpeed Insight and then work on its recommendations to improve your speed. And rest assured that we also do much more than that, all our technical experts will sort this speed issue out for you, so it's highly recommended.
Also, another benefit when you choose the Speed Up of Search Pie is that you don’t need to worry about any conflicting issues with the SEO settings from the app on your website.


As a distinct and more advanced service of ours, the Speed Up Package's price is $350 and it's an one-time charge service.

How to register for the Speed Up package?

Firstly, let’s check out your weighted average speed score of the listed pages by Google PageSpeed Insights on the Speed Analysis page on the app. You can click on “View Insights” to go to Google PageSpeed Insights and see more details about the status of your website.
If your speed score is lower than 50 for Mobile and 80 for Desktop, then it’s time to take our Speed Up package into consideration to optimize your online store speed!
After you sign up, let’s go to the Pricing page and you will confirm the charge for the Speed Up package here.
After that, please drop us a message, our support team is always available to serve you.
Our technical department will start evaluating and working on your site to improve load speed right now. The project should last about 5-7 days. Rest assured that we will keep you informed via email as soon as there are any new updates.